Sunday Services


Each Sunday we have two morning services in the parish.

The first takes place at St. Andrew’s Church at 9.30am where we also have structured activities for children and young people – our worship is led by our music group.

The second service of the day takes place at Holy Cross Church at 11.15am where we also have activities for children. Music at this service is led by our organist.

Breakfast Church. About once each month the whole morning worship at St. Andrew’s is a little different. There’s no Holy Communion but a time of worshipping and learning together ending with sharing breakfast and conversation about the theme for the morning. The Children and young people have there own time of learning as part of this service.

Next Breakfast Church is at 9:30am on Sunday 19th November  2017. Please come and join us !

We hope you find a warm friendly welcome as you join us to meet with God in worship.