Good Friday Service – An Hour at the Cross

Welcome to our Service during which there will be periods of silence as we meditate and pray over the events of that first Good Friday, when Jesus was crucified and died that we might live. 

The Gathering 

Along this way 
We have walked with Christ. 

Along this way 
We have shared his table. 

Along this way 
He has washed our feet. 

Along this way
We approach the cross. 

Along this way 
We fear the path. 

Behold the lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. 

Music – There is a Green Hill Far Away 

Introduction and prayer: 

On this day we recall the death of our Lord Jesus Christ. As we hear John’s account, we focus on seven moments during that day and, as darkness still seeks to conquer the light, pause to reflect on our own sin, and that of the world. 

At the end of each reading we will keep silence as a candle is extinguished to mark the prevailing darkness of this day. 

Let us pray: 

God of the daytime and the night-time,
God of light and darkness,
God of joy and sorrow,
we worship you. 

Through you alone are we able to know
that even in the darkest hours
hope is present through Jesus Christ,
our Saviour. 


First Moment – “Ecco Homo” John 19 1-7

We pray:
Lord have mercy
Christ have mercy
Lord have mercy 

Second Moment – Gabbotha John 19 8-16a

Third Moment – Golgotha John 19 16b-22

Fourth Moment – Casting Lots John 19 23-25

Fifth Moment – Here is your mother John 19 25-27 

Sixth Moment – Finished John 19 28-30

Seventh Moment – Pierced John 19 31-34


Let us pray. 

We pray for those for whom the terrifying has become the ordinary: for the victims of warfare; for children and mothers unable to live in homes that are their own; for fighters who have become immune to the cries of others; and for politicians who hear only praise. 


Lord of the cross, 
Hear our prayer. 

We pray for ourselves, if we have become immune to those who suffer, who have no name, who count for little.
We ask for forgiveness for those times when we failed to speak or act. 


Lord of the cross, 
hear our prayer. 

We give thanks for those who remind us that even in the shadows of pain humanity may shine forth.
We give thanks for those who care for the dead and the dying, for those who bring hope. 


Lord of the cross, 
hear our prayer. 

Lord of the cross,
in you alone do we find our hope, even when hope is gone.

Music – When I Survey the Wondrous Cross

A Closing Reading John 19 38-42

Final prayer and departure: 

When hope has left 
Still we watch and wait. 

When darkness prevails 
Still we search for light. 

When the road is hidden 
Still we seek a guide. 

Christ of the cross,
hold us in these moments
as we wait for a garden vision,
a mealtime revelation,
a locked room blessing,
and a lakeside renewal.

We go in peace. 

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