What is Baptism (Christening)?

Through baptism we take our place as a member of God’s family – His church. Baptism marks the beginning of our journey of faith where we grow to know God, to pray and to take our place as a member of the local church.  Baptism is a sign of God’s love and forgiveness for all people and is the means by which we take on a new life with God. All those who live in the parish can be baptised either in St Andrew’s or in Holy Cross. If you live in another parish, you have to have the permission of your own vicar first and show a special connection with the church. Please note that, as a general rule, it takes 3-4 months from initial enquiry to the service itself.

When do Baptisms take place?

Baptisms usually takes place as part of a Sunday morning service: at St Andrew’s this would be at 9.30am and at Holy Cross, 11.15am.

Parents and godparents must attend a preparation meeting before the service, this will usually take place in your own home. Also, you are encouraged to attend church on at least two Sundays before the baptism itself.

Do parents and God-parents have to be Baptised?

It is a requirement that one parent is baptised and that all godparents are baptised, preferably also confirmed. If you are interested in being baptised yourself, discuss this with the vicar.  It is usual to have at least three godparents, two of the same sex as the child and one of the opposite sex.  Godparents must be at least 16 and show a genuine commitment to helping the child grow in the Christian faith.

Answers to frequently asked questions

To arrange a baptism, print out our application form: Application Form

……fill in your details and send it to:   Parish Office.


If you would like to know more about being confirmed, please contact Revd Jane Richards for further information and details of the next confirmation service.