Daily Reflections

When the first Covid lockdown began in March 2020 we began to put Daily Reflections on our website, and in the newssheets that we deliver to people who do not have online access.  Over recent months, these have been reduced to 2 reflections per week.  Now that the lockdown is being eased, and life is becoming busier, we have decided to end the Daily Reflections. 

If you have enjoyed the Daily Reflections and/or the “Live Lent” booklets that were distributed to people on the Parish Electoral Roll, this may be a good time to think about using daily Bible reading notes if you do not already do so.  One option would be Scripture Union’s Daily Bread, which costs about £20 a year.  Jackie Stubberfield already arranges distribution to a number of people in our church family, so if you would be interested please contact Jackie via the Parish Office on 01268 289771 or via office@standrewholycross.org