Holy Cross Refurbishment

Holy Cross Church

In 2022 we are starting on a project to carry out some much needed refurbishment at Holy Cross to ensure that this beautiful historic building will continue to serve the community of Fryerns and the rest of Basildon for many years into the future.

Phase 1 – the outside

Firstly we need to do some work to maintain the stonework, the guttering and other exterior parts of the building. This is essential to make sure that the building can deal with all the wind, rain and other weather and keep the inside of the building dry. This is specialist work of a building of this age. There are some pictures of the work required here, and some pictures of latest progress here.

Exciting news – this work has now started, and the process of removing old pointing and identifying bricks and stones that need replacing is under way.

The work is expected to cost around  £36,000 plus VAT.  We have been building up funds over the last few years towards this work, and with some support from the listed places of worship scheme, which will allow us to claim back the VAT, the PCC has agreed to start this work to be funded from the specific fund we have for the restoration work at Holy Cross, and from our more general Buildings Fund. This work will significantly deplete the Buildings Fund, so we are seeking more financial support for this work. If you feel able to support this work financially, please  go to  https://standrewholycross.org/support-us/  to  find a link to our secure on-line giving page for the restoration. Alternatively please do speak to one of the churchwardens or contact our treasurer who will be able to tell you more.

Please see here for information about the second Phase of this project….