Holy Cross restoration – Phase 2

Phase 2 – the inside

Now the exterior of the building is sound again we are focussing on the inside. Because of the issues with damp in the walls and just due to the age of the building there are quite large areas of the lime wash on the interior wall that are flaking away. These require a coat of breathable stabilisation, before reapplying the finish coat of specialised paint suitable for this type of wall construction.

You can see some examples of the areas we’d like to improve here.

At the same time and while suitable scaffolding is in place we want to paint the panels in the ceiling of the nave which are also suffering due to their age.

We have been working with contractors with the appropriate experience and skills to work on an ancient building like Holy Cross, and with our architect to agree the details of the work to be done. The estimates we have received, together with our architect’s professional fees come to about £44,000 including VAT.

We’ve been really encouraged over the last year by the involvement of the community both within and outside the regular congregations of both churches whose fundraising efforts have already raised almost £18,600 towards this work. This is evidence again of how much Holy Cross means so much to so many people. Our fundraising activities will continue in 2024.
We will be able to get some support from the Listed Places of Worship scheme which should cover the VAT charges, and we are seeking other grant funding which we hope will be able to meet the remaining £15,000 or so needed.

Thanks to the FSJ Charities who have supported us with a £3,000 grant towards the work.

Donations can be made at https://standrewholycross.org/support-us/  Alternatively please do speak to one of the churchwardens or our treasurer who will be able to tell you more.

You can also visit our dedicated Justgiving page.