We have two churches where weddings can take place but most people choose Holy Cross Church as it is such a beautiful location for a traditional church wedding. We take great care to make sure your day is really special.

Holy Cross Church

Anyone who lives in the parish or who is on the church’s electoral roll, or who lives outside the parish but can show a special connection with the church, is eligible to marry here (You don’t have to be a regular church goer).  If you are divorced and wish to re-marry in church, we may be able to help you, so please get in touch.

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Inside Holy Cross Church

If you decide to get married in the parish, one of our clergy will have an informal meeting with you to help you prepare for marriage and there will be a wedding rehearsal the week before.

For more information about Church Weddings the following link will take you to a site which gives lots of information and can help you plan a wedding to suit your requirements:

Your Church Wedding

If you would like to start planning your wedding with us, please e-mail your details to our wedding co-ordinator:

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Please Note: Holy Cross church has a maximum capacity of 100 guests.