Appointment of Reverend Tim Brampton to St Andrew with Holy Cross

We can now announce that The Reverend Tim Brampton, currently Priest In charge of St Martin of Tours, is to become our new Vicar.

He will remain Rector of St Martin’s whilst also being Vicar of this Parish of St Andrew’s with Holy Cross. The two will remain Parishes in their own right, with Reverend Tim having responsibility of care for both.

The date of Reverend Tim’s Licensing to this Parish is not yet set. However, we will be seeing him here within the next few weeks which we very much look forward to.

We pray for Reverend Tim, for the congregation of St Martin’s and for our congregations
here at St Andrew’s and Holy Cross. As we look to a new future in both Parishes, may we work together sharing the Gospel and for Your glory. Amen

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