Daily Reflection 25th December 2020 CHRISTMAS!!!!!

I cannot deny that I am full of excitement on Christmas morning!!! I woke my parents very early as a child and now am just as much of a pest to my husband! I am enthusiastic by nature, but get me on my favourite topic of Jesus, and THE DAY that we celebrate his choice to come and BE WITH US!!! (Sorry, I will try and keep the capital letters to a minimum!)

I think Mary was feeling a similar enthralment when she sang the Magnificat (Luke 1:46-55). There is tangible expectation and utter joy as she praises the Lord’s goodness for all that he has done and all that he will do. I am sure she would have been the first to text, ‘IT’S CHRISTMAS!’ even in if she had been in tier 4 (ok, last time with the caps I promise.)

Mary reflects on all the things God has done before; he has brought down the powerful, lifted up the lowly, filled the hungry, looked with favour upon his servant Israel. This is why she is so expectant and full of joy, because she knows that God who has done these things before will surely do good things again. A bit like how we might be expectant when we receive a gift from someone who has time and time again been generous, thoughtful and creative; giving us something that fills our love language: someone who knows us really well! Except this is infinitely greater because God is the ultimate one who knows what we need and gives us immeasurably more than we can imagine.

Jesus brought breakthrough 2000 years ago. Admittedly it was not in the way that people were expecting, but how marvellous – how much better was his plan! We can be expectant of that breakthrough today.

I encourage you today, to sing like Mary, and praise Jesus for the things he has done in the past, specifically in your life. Take a moment to remember the prayers he has answered, the ways he has spoken to you and the gifts he has given you. With that hope and promise, have faith that he will do it again. Remember those prayers you no longer pray – he has not forgotten. Jesus is able to bring breakthrough in our lives today and I pray that each person reading this will know the assurance of their Saviour Lord Jesus Christ and feel especially close to him today.

Merry Christmas dear family, much love today,

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