Daily Reflection – 26th October from Phil Horscroft

My turn to do the reflections this week and I’ve actually remembered, so, kudos to me (thank you Jackie for helping me remember). I was going to do reflections on the daily bible readings (because I couldn’t think of anything else to do) but this petition came up on my Facebook feed. I will therefore use this days reflections (sorry) to encourage you all to not only sign this petition but also to share it as widely as possible and encourage all your friends to sign it.

We are the body of Christ and we worship the God of Truth. The uncomfortable thing about truth is it can be very hard to speak, but we still must try our best to do so. It has been a source of immense frustration to me to watch our government play hide and seek with this virus, when they should have been playing chess. (I stole that quote) (don’t tell anyone)

The initial decision to go into lockdown was based upon a prediction from the ‘experts’ at Imperial College that expected deaths would be in the region of 500,000 if we did not go into lockdown; so in we went. Three weeks later the ‘experts’, who are still advising the government, admitted they had got their sums wrong and the projected death rate would have been not even remotely close to such high figures.But once a government chooses a course of action there is zero chance of them changing course in the face of new evidence. The media would have a field day destroying the government regardless of the facts.

We had a lockdown; infections went down; we came out of lockdown; infections went back up, thereby proving that lockdowns don’t work; we are going back into lockdown but this time they’re calling it a firebreak so we won’t ask questions(?). How stupid do they think we are? How long must we allow this idiocy to carry on? How many peoples lives will be ruined and/or shortened by the economic consequences of killing our economy to, perhaps, save or extend other peoples lives?

The death rate in this country so far from Covid 19 has been 0.06% of the population. the same as Sweden, which didn’t go into lockdown.I miss the singing, I miss the fellowship, I miss the free tea and cake. I don’t want us to miss Christmas and I definitely don’t want us to miss Easter!

At present, both the Parish of St Andrew with Holy Cross and the Church of England nationally are implementing the government guidelines that do ask us to keep from congregational singing in the context of loving consideration to the most vulnerable in our community. As with all our daily reflections, Phil is expressing a valid personal opinion, but not the position of the Parochial Church Council or Church as a whole.

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