Daily Reflection – Monday 4th May

‘Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.’ Colossians 3:23

Watching Captain Tom being interviewed on his 100th birthday, having encouraged so many by his example of doing something to help in this crisis, brought tears to my eyes. He said he never would have believed what he had achieved, and it was great to see him receive the recognition he so richly deserved. Social media tends to upscale such efforts, like the Thursday clapping we have embraced, and makes us feel that we are doing something useful.

We like to be busy, to have purpose-driven lives, to feel needed and to believe that what we do is worthwhile. But most of us will do what we can without recognition and little support, and leads us to thinking we are not doing enough.

Do we sometimes get a little too obsessed over the idea of what God is calling us to do?  Is it possible that we spend too much time wondering what God’s purpose is for our lives now and in the future?

Perhaps when we are at a loss there is another question we could be asking ourselves: what makes my soul sing, what gets me up in the morning with fire in my belly?

We are all unique because we have diffrerent dreams, different passions , different skills and different ideas. Gideon Heugh, of Tearfund says that ‘the things that move us most, the things that make us come alive – these are imprints of God. When we go after whatever it is that moves us most, we’ll probably find that God is already there, waiting for us’.

So, go with your heart. Paint that picture, even if you aren’t incredibly artistic. Sing out loud, even if you are not in tune. Spend time watching sunlight play on the water fountain, watch the clouds, sit and listen to the early morning birdsong, even if there are many chores to be done.

You are dearly loved by God, for he made you to enjoy being just who you are, exceptionally and distinctively you. He endowed you with the ability to enjoy the beauty around you, he wants you to explore, taste, dance, sing – in all circumstances.

God bless you and give you peace this day.

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