Daily Reflection – Thursday 16th April

‘The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it.’ John 1:5

Think today of what routine activity you have done in the past without much problem. Could it be shopping for groceries? How can it be that such a normal thing can become such a source of angst? My friend has said that she comes out of the supermarket feeling like a trapped nerve.

One way aisles, queuing to get in, queuing for the checkout, keeping your distance, searching for something, yet the shelf remains bare.  Not to mention the consideration that everything you handle could be contaminated. It doesn’t end there either, as everything has to be disinfected when you get home:  sprayed,  wiped down, and dried before being stowed away. Oh, for those good old days of popping in, when perhaps  the most irritation comes from choosing a trolley with a dodgy wheel. How much we will appreciate a return to normal!

 It’s like light. Without darkness, it can be difficult to understand the true eloquence of light. We need to experience real blackout darkness to appreciate light. Living in the light of Christ can be taken for granted. Unless we step away from our comfort; unless our hearts are torn; unless a body is broken and the sky turns black… we cannot become the light that the world needs.

‘May the living flame of the Easter hope be a steady guide as we face the future.’ Her Majesty the Queen, April 2020.

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