Daily Reflection – Tuesday 1st December 2020

Tuesday’s  are usually my day off, although that usually means more rushing around, trying to fit lots of things in and strangely, the day that I often intend to spend more time with God, passes in a blur of just busyness, doing and achieving very little!

When researching prayer resources for this week’s reflections, I stumbled across this article on the 24/7 prayer website that I found helpful. It shows that even when we are busy, we can still find ways/time to pray. I am going to keep this in mind as I go about my day off today, I hope that you too find it to be helpful.

Praying on the Move

In prayer, we can communicate with God at any time, in any place. Whether you’re travelling to work, shops, college, or school, try some of these simple ideas to start praying on the move:

1. LOOK AROUND: It’s easy to forget to pay attention when making the same journey every day. Use your travel time to look around and pray for what you see.

Pray for the buildings you pass; the people you see, your fellow travellers. Invite God’s presence to show you your commute through His eyes.

2. BUILD A CONNECTION:  Use a specific part of your journey as a prayer prompt. Perhaps you pass the same landmark or station every day; or maybe your journey involves a few different types of transport.

Build a connection, so that when you reach a certain part of your journey, you’re prompted to pray for a certain situation or people. Check out this blog for a great example of how to do this.

3. TAKE TIME TO PRAISE: If you’ve got a phone and headphones, or a stereo in your car, carve out time each day to listen to worship music, or a song that helps you to connect with God.

Start and end your regular routine with praise (remember, you don’t have to sing out loud!). 

4. LOOK AHEAD / LOOK BACK: As you travel on your daily journey, take a few minutes to pray through your day before it starts: any tricky classes, meetings or people you’ll encounter in your day. 

Then after your day is done, take time to give everything back to God again as you travel home.

Remember that God knows, cares about and values every part of your life, and is actively at work within it. 

5. THANKFULNESS JOURNEYS: This is a great opportunity to pray as a family during shared car journeys. Encourage everyone in the car to share something they’re thankful for, and praise God for his blessing.

This is a great opportunity to take time as a family to pray together.

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