Daily reflection – Wednesday 15th July

I cried with the Sparrow

Today’s reflection is not actually my own, it is something that I stumbled across when reading about sparrows in the Bible. It was published in July 2009 and it tells the story a man named Richard who had been imprisoned and was in great despair, he reached out to God and asked for a sign that He really cared.

Click on the link to hear Richard’s story (credits to Lucy Neeley Adams)

Heavenly Father,
We thank you that although we may not always see you or hear you,
you are always there.

We thank you that you love us,
and we ask that in those moments of despair, uncertainty,
and hopelessness you will draw near,
that we will hear you and recognise your call.

Help us Lord to focus on you,
give us eyes that see,
ears to listen and hearts to love,
just as you love us.

In Jesus name we pray


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