Reflection 20th April

Faith and Love in Jesus Christ

Scripture Reading: Colossians 1:1-14

Just as yesterday’s sermon aimed to encourage you in your faith, so too the passage from Paul to his brothers and sisters in Colossae aims to do the same thing. Paul tells of the love of Christ which is available to everyone through the power of the Holy Spirit and he encourages us to endure all in this world with patience, ‘leading lives worthy of the Lord, bearing good fruit in every work and growing in the knowledge of God for he has rescued us from the power of darkness.’

We may think that it is difficult to remain positive in our faith today as we enter our 5th week of lockdown but I encourage you to think of your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ in our congregation, of all we have built up in Christ , and stand firm building one another up in whatever ways we can.

We may feel we can’t help each other at this present time but one thing we can do is pray. I encourage you today to pray for our congregation. Think of those who you sit next to in services –  those who provide the music, the intercessions, lead, make the tea, teach our children and the children themselves, as well as all those who have so tirelessly worked in the background to get our churches ready for services –  offer prayer for these to God asking Him to take care of them and lead them and you through these difficult times, showering them and yourself with love, for prayer is our most powerful tool today.

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