Reflection 1st July

Scripture: Matthew 14:22-32

Today, as we move into a new month and begin to open our churches for services once more, I thought I’d share with you a reflection from a Christian store I often go to online to shop.

I hope it offers you much encouragement, knowing that God is with us all.

Please pray for both our churches and the congregations.

Stop Saying ‘But…!’
The word ‘But’ is so small and yet it has huge consequences. That ‘But’ often comes out of a place of fear and precedes an excuse. “I would do that, but I’m afraid” or “But I don’t think I can”. “That looks so exciting, but ….”.
The word ‘But’ closes down faith and stops us from doing the things that God would have us do, the ‘good news’ activities that we could join with, things that would serve God well. Our human fears and a sense of not being enough, prevent us from going ahead.
In Matthew 14:22-32 Peter walked on the water, ‘But when he saw the wind, he was afraid and began to sink’. Fear causes the ‘But’ to rise up. So, what should we do? Replace our Fear with Faith. If Peter had put his faith in Jesus, he would have continued to walk on the water. If we replace our fear of failing with a faith to succeed, we will overcome the ‘but’! If we know that God is for us and equips us, when He calls us out upon the water, we will trust Him enough to obey the call, and walk towards what we do not yet see.
There is another use of the word ‘But’ though and Jesus used it. “Father, this is My will, but ….Your will be done”. That’s a positive, yielded, surrendered ‘But’, surrendered to One who is greater, better, higher.
Sometimes we have to ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’, in faith.
Love, Marianne and the TCGC Team xx

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