Reflection May 12th

Do not fear, for I am with you.

Scripture: Isaiah 41:2-10

This passage continues to direct our focus to God as He is involved in everything that is going on around us, just as He was involved in the world around the exiles in Babylon when changes in the political landscape had implications for all nations.

God’s involvement with all generations from the beginning of time is emphasised by the prophet Isaiah, along with the promise that God will be present until the world’s end. God isn’t limited by history as we understand it, nor is God remote from it. God participates in it, on a global scale.

In verses 8-10, Isaiah focuses on Israel as the Chosen people of God, yet although it is this group of Judean exiles being addressed by him to try to comfort them in turbulent times, it is evident, because of the reference to Abraham’s offspring, that the whole people of God through the ages are meant. Because of this we can rightly recognise ourselves as being included in the audience.

We are each being called a servant of God and reminded of the fact that God chose this role for us. We hear the assurance that even if we feel cut off from God by events, this isn’t the case; God hasn’t abandoned us. We are reminded that God’s covenant promise to be our God is still true, as are the promises to strengthen us and enable us to accomplish whatever service we are called to give.

As we read these comforting words, lets thank God for them, but let us also reflect on how we might be of service to God today. Can you make that phone call, send that encouraging message, and reach out to someone in love?

Even in lockdown we can demonstrate Christian love towards others and live as people of hope, and we can give praise to the living God.

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