Daily Reflection 18th June

Scripture: Psalm 42

The psalmist cries “As the deer longs for flowing streams, so my soul longs for you, O God.” This is also part of one of my favourite hymns and was an old favourite of our beloved sister Joan Ray, may she rest in peace.

It speaks of such a longing for God and His help. Just as we can’t live without water, so we can’t live without God; He is the source of all life and sustains us.
As I was watering some plants this weekend and watched water coming out from a watering can, it made me wonder where we position ourselves spiritually. Do we position ourselves under the ‘watering can’ of life, so that we can hear the word or voice of God? Are we reading the Bible and asking God to speak to us through it? Are we recalling those times when He proved faithful and building up our faith? Are we trusting in Him to provide all that we need? Are we seeking His presence or avoiding it, afraid of what He might say to us?

The psalm reminds us that we need to turn to God in times of distress because God’s love and wisdom is like a constant stream of water bringing life to a dry spirit, it never dries up. God doesn’t need to leave us to go and water someone else! The flow is gentle, soft, reaching and nourishing those places that are dry, hidden, deep, ignored. If we believe that He is a good Father and/or a caring Gardener, we should fight to get into the best position to receive the water of life from Him, because the enemy will try to prevent us. We need to consciously position ourselves to be in a place where we can receive it. We may have a radio but if we don’t switch it on, we won’t hear anything. So, let’s position ourselves, with upturned, expectant faces to be able to receive all that He has for us, and that way, we’ll flourish and grow.

Prayer Lord God, You are the source of all life, help us to flourish and grow in your strength, knowing that you are our Father and you will never leave us. Help us to seek you in the Scriptures, to listen to your voice, to trust and be guided by you as we go forward in this life. In Jesus name we pray and by the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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