Reflection 17th June

The Truth Of Who We Are

Scripture Reading: Psalm 8:4-5; Psalm 139
With so much of our lives being stripped away at this current time, we may be uncomfortable with what’s left, simply our identity. So, who are we? In psalm 8 the psalmist asked, ‘What is man that you care for him? You made him a little lower than the heavenly beings and crowned him with glory and honour.’

God’s reply might sound something like this:
“You are precious to me because I designed and created you by hand with thought and care (Psalm 139:17). You are my masterpiece. You are who you are for a reason. Only you can carry out the plans I have for you. The plans fit you and you fit my plan (Ephesians 2:10). I made you in my image and I am delighted with what I see (Genesis 1:27,31). You are beautiful, special and unique; You are My beloved, the apple of my eye. If you could only imagine how much I love you. I love spending time with you. Our moments together are a delight and a joy. I want to wrap you in my love and protect you from harm. My heart breaks when someone hurts you (Zechariah 2:8). Life may be rough and bumpy at times, the ground crumbling around you, but my love for you will never shake or crumble. I will never leave you on your own. Let my love strengthen your foundations, your heart, your mind. Stand tall and strong, sparkling like precious jewels (Isaiah 54:10-12). Trust in my love, cherished child, in my love which will last for eternity and will never fail (Jeremiah 31:3).”

So how does God know us? When we look into our own hearts and into our daily actions and the words we speak to others, what will God see? Well, God’s gaze upon us is constant – it is a gaze of love, not judgement (as demonstrated in the Scriptures mentioned), and He protects us through all things because He is in all things, in all places. Yet how often though do we try to escape from God’s presence? As we have been intimately created by God, we are unique and God knows us more intimately than we imagined. We can never escape His presence, He is always with us, although we may not know it. It is through the created world we come to know God; through our experiences, friendships, prayer, and scripture we come to know God more personally.

I know that today many of you may be struggling with your faith and struggling to wonder where God is at this time, but please remember He is always with you and will never let you go. Ask Him today for the grace to know His intimate presence in your life.

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