Daily Reflection – 30th October

Being Human
My soul is in darkness , my heart lost in pain,
As I realise I’ve let God down again.
The people around me all say “I’m impressed;
But God, who knows better, I’m sure I’ve distressed.
When will I learn to master my greed?
When will I see I have all I need?
I cannot forgive all my thoughtless misdeeds.
I cannot pull up all my wildly sewn weeds.
I tell God “I’m sorry”, for causing Him pain. 
I  tell God “I’m sorry”, but I’ll do it again.
I beg for forgiveness, and mercy for me.
I beg for a place in eternity.
I beg God for strength to turn from my sin. 
I plead “get me out from the mess that I’m in”.

I’m talking to God, I know He is there.
I know He is listening, I’m sure of His care.
The answer I’m given is simple and clear.
The answer I’m given removes all my fear.
“Don’t stare at the bad things, remember the good.
Step back from yourself, see the trees and the wood.
Everyone sins, none are perfect, you see,
The way that you’re made is the way you must be.
To do good or bad is the choice you must make; 
to care and repair, or be thoughtless and break.
Don’t judge yourself, for that’s not your place.
Don’t judge your friends or the whole human race.
Just do what you can to stay free from sin.
Just follow God’s plan from the mess that you’re in.
One step at a time, that’s the best you can do.
And each step you take, God will be there with you.

Phil Horscroft.

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