Prayer and reflection for Monday 23rd March

2 Timothy 1:7For God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and self-control.

Fear can be crippling but it does not come from God. When we hope, trust & choose to walk with God, He casts out fear. Everything is in God’s hands so put your trust in Him. God’s love for us is so vast that it is like that a parent has for a child, or a grandparent for a grandchild – He protects us, steadies us & reassures us. He is always here to lead & instruct us & reassure us of His presence if we find time to listen to Him.

When we put our hand in God’s hand & trust our hearts to Him, He is with us always & we need never be afraid or feel alone. Learn to put your trust in Him in these troubling times & He will be your refuge & strength in the coming days.

Dear Lord,
Help us feel your presence today.
Help us to stay with you, to walk with you
& put our trust & hope in you.
Give us hearts that seek you & your will for us
this day & every day
& cast out our fears in these times of trouble.
Bless us & keep us safe in your loving arms.
In Jesus name we pray.

Pray for our church today, that in spite of having to close our doors we remain open in our hearts, loving & praying for each other.

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