Prayer & Reflection March 25th

Scripture: 1 Corinthians:12-31 + 13:13

Just as a body, though one, has many parts, but all its many parts form one body, so it is with Christ…….

Reflection: Unity & Diversity in the Body of Christ

Never has there been a time like today when we need to come together as the Body of Christ, working in unity with each other, recognising & using each other’s gifts & drawing strength from one another. God made us all as individuals to play our part in bringing His message of faith, hope & love to the world, & to each one of us that looks different, with no one part being greater than the next.

In these times of great uncertainty, in spite of our differences, let’s remember we all have our part to play in this world. As the passage reminds us, we all suffer & rejoice together as God’s people – if someone hurts, we all hurt – so we need to build one another up in Christ, walk alongside each other, forgive & comfort each other, express our faith through love-serving one another humbly.

Today let us do good to all people, wherever & however we have the opportunity. Phone someone you think might be struggling on their own & have a chat, or better still Facetime or Skype if you’re able. Send prayers of encouragement to each other, or a Bible passage.

Almighty God
You gave us the commandment to love one another,
give us today the grace to fulfil it
Make us gentle, courteous & kind to each other & direct our lives so we may look to the good of others in word & deed.
Help us as the Body of Christ to be a light in the world.
Help us to look to one another’s needs before our own, & always be ready to serve those around us by the power of your love within us.
In these dark & difficult times when we feel like we’re barely making it through, give us your joy Lord, your grace, & the powerful presence of your peace.
Teach us to work together with understanding & compassion in our hearts as your family, as we strive to be more like Jesus.
We pray this in His name & by the power of the Holy Spirit.

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